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A career in accounting is about more than measuring business activities and reporting financial data. 它是通过应用分析推理来做出明智的决定来指导一个组织, 批判性思维和解决问题的能力. TU’s accounting program will provide you a solid understanding of accounting principles and techniques, as well as the key decision-making and problem-solving skills used in a challenging and fulfilling career as a professional accountant.

所有组织都在一定程度上需要会计.  The size of the company will determine the complexity and needs within the accounting function, 但是每个企业都需要这种专业知识.  Because of the need for accounting professionals, the need for new graduates remains a constant.

Tiffin University follows a fairly traditional accounting curriculum with several distinct advantages. 我们的会计课不仅强调实际应用, 但也包括税收研究和解决问题. 除了, 管理课程被整合到整个四年的课程中, 强调实际应用.

会计工商管理学士学位为获得执照提供了坚实的基础. Students are encouraged to work toward becoming a Certified Public 会计 (CPA) or a Certified 管理会计 (CMA).

  • 会计教师带来近55年的综合行业经验, 从审计和税务到公司会计和咨询. 这使得所有的会计课程都有一个实用的方法.
  • Students participate in professional internships with leading organizations such as 普华永道, 马拉松石油公司, 俄亥俄州审计署, 各种会计师事务所等等.
  • Our accounting program is kept current with the profession and has been revised to encompass the CPA Evolution, 以及数据分析等主题.
  • 小班授课可以让你与同学和老师建立牢固的关系.
  • The TU 商学院 is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  • 在Peregrine的全国标准化测试中, 在会计领域, 午餐商学院学生的平均得分为7分.与其他ACBSP学校的学生相比,高出52个百分点.

This accelerated pathway allows you to take classes that count as dual credit towards both your BBA and MBA degrees, 让你有能力在短短五年内获得学士和硕士学位, 节省你的时间和金钱. 了解我们的MBA课程.

有多年在会计师事务所和大公司的会计工作经验, TU教师将现实世界的情况带到课堂上, helping you to understand how the information you’re learning is actually used in the profession. 职业技能是在课堂上学习的, 但它们是在你的实习期间应用的, as you immerse into the discipline of accounting and take on the challenges that face accounting professionals every day.

  • Our faculty’s extensive experience working in accounting provides authentic insights into the profession.
  • Professors’ continued experience in the field enables them to keep up to date and bring changes and trends to the classroom.
  • The small size of our university allows our program to update and adjust quickly when needed, 比如数据分析.
  • Guest speakers are used in courses to help students gain additional perspectives into the operations of businesses.
  • 与商业相关的俱乐部和组织提供了学习的机会, 在会计方面服务并与他人联系, 商业及相关领域.

To be successful in accounting new professionals must have the ability to apply their knowledge into practice. It is through active engagement and the application of accounting that you’ll begin to gain the pivotal knowledge as a true practitioner.

实习要求在建立通往实践的桥梁方面起着至关重要的作用. You’ll work collaboratively with faculty and staff to be placed with a company in an accounting role. You’ll put your accounting knowledge from classes into practice in a real-world accounting environment. 这些机会通常会带来永久的全职工作.

  • 在课堂上的小组作业中,你们将在模拟的工作场景中解决问题.
  • 你们将在课堂上接触到实际的纳税申报单, which allows you to experience real-life scenarios as a tax preparer while taking the tax class.
  • Exposure to accounting software will provide the knowledge needed to navigate and learn various industry software as you begin your professional career.
  • 会计专业的学生参加了全球案例研究的竞赛, exposing them to current global events and requiring them to think critically on each topic.
  • 学生参加人民银行案例竞赛, 关注银行面临的问题, 比如新产品的供应, 做出招聘决定的, 以及其他真实的商业困境. Based on their performance in the competition, multiple TU alumni have been hired by Peoples Bank.
  • Students compete in the Intercollegiate Ethics Case Competition, held at Cleveland State University. 你将获得使用各种会计软件和程序的实践经验. 这些案件集中在不同的全球会计丑闻上.
  • The IMA Case Study is a virtual case competition hosted by the Institute of Managerial 会计s, 学生制作一个短视频. 这个案例的重点是管理决策.


  • ACC228管理会计- 3小时
  • ACC301中级会计I - 3小时
  • ACC302中级会计II - 3小时
  • ACC304联邦所得税- 3小时
  • 成本会计I - 3小时
  • 成本会计II - 3小时
  • ACC385会计应用分析- 3小时
  • 会计信息系统- 3小时
  • ACC404审计- 3小时
  • 下列选项之一:3小时
    • ACC405欺诈审查会计
    • ACC406政府和非营利会计
    • ACC408石油 & 天然气会计

合计- 30小时


这是一个示例课程序列来说明本专业的课程设置. Consult the official Academic 公告 for detailed registration and advising information.


会计概览(ACC201) -从使用者的角度介绍会计的基本原理. The primary emphasis is the relationship between cash flow and accrual based income measurement. 包括财务报告的要求和标准.

管理会计(ACC228) – This course is designed to provide information to the management student who will be charged with directing and controlling operations from within the organization. 重点放在公司报告上, 语句, 准备供管理层使用的时间表和摘要.

中级会计一级(ACC301) – Intermediate 会计 is a study of financial accounting theory in relation to reporting practices. Emphasis is on generally accepted accounting principles as promulgated by official accounting boards (i.e. FASB). Intermediate 会计 I includes the role of accounting as an information system and economic resources.

联邦所得税(ACC304) -确定应税收入和非应税收入, 个人和公司的扣除和纳税义务. 包括联邦税收制度的背景和目标.

会计舞弊考试(ACC405) – Covered in this course are the nature of fraud and general concepts about fraud detection and prevention. 调查方法包括欺诈的几个要素:盗窃行为, 对欺诈行为的隐瞒和所得资产的转换. 各种类型的欺诈研究包括财务报表(管理)欺诈, 针对组织的欺诈和消费者的欺诈.


在校园 -提供为期15周的学期形式,开始日期为1月和8月

在线 – Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October

You can join the ranks of TU graduates working at leading accounting firms and companies in Ohio, 在全国和世界各地.

  • 会计
  • 会计助理
  • 审计师
  • 银行行长
  • 簿记、会计和审计文员
  • 首席执行官/总裁
  • 注册欺诈审查员
  • 公司的控制器
  • 成本会计
  • 金融分析师
  • 财务总监
  • 财务经理
  • 金融风险专员
  • 金融专家
  • 政府审计
  • 投资分析师
  • 初级会计师
  • 管理会计
  • 工资职员
  • 高级会计
  • 会计工作人员
  • 印第安纳州审计员
  • 卡地纳健康公司.
  • 库珀轮胎
  • CPM咨询小组
  • 德勤
  • 恩斯特 & 年轻的
  • 美国国税局
  • 杰克逊休伊特税务服务
  • 摩根大通 & Co.
  • 毕马威(KPMG)
  • 克罗格公司.
  • 马拉松石油公司
  • 美林(Merrill Lynch)
  • 美国西北相互
  • PNC
  • 普华永道
  • 加快贷款
  • 俄亥俄州
  • 托莱多大学
  • U.S. 联邦政府
  • U.S. 财政部
  • 惠而浦公司





“The accounting professors at Tiffin University provide expertise in all facets and use their experiences in many industries to drive their class lectures. Professor Marben has been instrumental in my success in the classroom and in starting my career. Professor Marben is responsible for my connection to my current employer and is an excellent help in all internship needs. 总的来说,TU的会计团队是不可否认的伟大.”