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Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Justice Advocacy

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Prepare to impact the future with TU’s justice advocacy program.

Especially for those interested in social, legal and political issues who want to make a difference, 博彩平台推荐的司法倡导项目侧重于创造研究方法, 刑事司法领域的综合分析和响应性证据实践.

博彩平台推荐的司法倡导项目是专门为那些想要解决刑事司法系统及其相关组织变革需求的学生创建的, but not necessarily be in the law enforcement field. The program addresses the social, 影响刑事司法系统未来的法律和政治问题——以及所有受其影响的人. 该计划的重点是为历史上被忽视的群体制定改进的政策和做法, 使用不断发展的研究方法,促进对犯罪的社会和政治决定因素进行更全面的分析,并设计响应性的基于证据的实践, focused on justice interventions to improve outcomes. 

With a focus on advocacy, 司法倡导方案汇集了刑事司法系统的几个支柱. Students are taught about the courts, politics, law enforcement, corrections, 心理学和社会学需要从事涉及政策改革的职业, working with vulnerable populations, child welfare, all while using restorative and client-centered approaches. 学生们还将重点了解司法系统,发展倡导和公平方面的知识和技能.

The major focuses on the intersection of criminal justice, law, sociology, psychology, social justice and political science. 该专业是为对刑事司法公正和辩护感兴趣的学生设计的, humane laws and human rights, social justice, victim advocacy, social work, community outreach, community corrections, prison advocacy, human services, youth services/child welfare, policy advocacy and community organizations.


司法倡导专业旨在为学生毕业后在刑事司法领域的就业做准备, 社会正义和倡导领域:营利和非营利组织, research based organizations, 儿童保护和倡导组织以及进入研究生教育和法学院. 这些技能直接适用于(和期望的)各种各样的职业,包括:

  • Analysis of criminal law
  • Critical thinking 
  • De-escalation
  • Evidence evaluation
  • Ethics
  • Communication skills (verbal, written)
  • Cultural competence

倡导正义的学生将在学习期间参加模拟审判. 模拟审判是学习法律和我们的法律制度如何运作的一种创新方法, guided by teachers and volunteer legal advisors. 模拟审判帮助学生发展批判性思维和公共演讲技能,并通过参与审判模拟提供法律实践和程序的知识.


Criminal Justice Core

  • JUS110 Intro to Criminal Justice
  • JUS201 Criminal Law
  • JUS202 Criminal Procedures
  • JUS361 Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • SCS 300 Research Design
  • SCS470 Internship I

Total hours – 18

Justice Advocacy Concentration

  • POL101 Introduction American Political Process
  • PSY 101 Introduction Psychology
  • SOC101 Introduction Sociology
  • FOR105 Victimology
  • ENF150 Police and Society
  • ENF293 Criminology
  • SOC265 Peace and Social Justice
  • COR231 Juvenile Justice Systems
  • COR245 Parole Probation and Community Corrections
  • POL207 The Courts
  • SOC320 Community Sociology
  • SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society
  • SOC380 Social Movements and Ideology
  • POL400 Constitution, Liberty, and Order
  • FOR423 Case Management
  • JUS4XX Evidence Based Child Advocacy

Total Hours – 48

Course Descriptions 

SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society – An analysis of the issues relating to the economic, political, 以及美国少数群体的社会地位. 将审查影响群体和个人行为的历史和当前社会力量和制度之间的相互作用. New trends in inter-group relations, 将探讨新少数民族的出现以及对项目资金和服务的争夺. The struggles over income, property, and power on the

将介绍人际、社区、国家和国际层面. This is a writing intensive course.

SOC265 Peace and Social Justice -本课程旨在通过相关世界事件的案例研究,介绍社会正义在帮助行业中的重要性. Students will understand how social justice has informed society through peace and justice studies; restorative justice; and reconciliations practices. An exploration of hunger, poverty, 经济/资源不平等将被纳入暴力和侵略研究的基础. 本课程旨在为学生提供一个全面的冲突和解决方法的观点.

POL400 Constitution, Liberty, and Order – 本课程探讨在我们的宪法制度下,个人自由与社会秩序之间的内在冲突. 它使用案例研究的方法来分析包括言论自由在内的问题, assembly, press, and religion; due process; equal protection; voting rights; and privacy rights.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 从2021年到2031年,社区和社会服务行业的总体就业预计将增长10%, faster than the average for all occupations; this increase is expected to result in about 294,600 new jobs over the decade. In addition to new jobs from growth, 机会产生于需要替换那些永久离职的工人. In 2021, the media pay for police officers and detectives was $66,020 per year and social and human service assistants was $37,610.

Other career opportunities include:

  • 法学院准备:对于有兴趣进入法学院的学生来说,司法辩护专业可能被认为是一个可行的法律预科课程.
    • State’s Attorney’s Offices
    • Public Defender
    • Paralegal
    • Private Law Practice
  • 人类服务机构/非营利组织-在以下环境中担任不同角色:
    • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
    • Victims’ Assistance
    • Oriana House
    • Sisters in Shelter (Human trafficking)
    • Domestic Violence Shelters
    • Child Protective Services
  • 执法和惩教:作为专业执法或惩教人员工作;
    • Police Officer
    • Federal Law Enforcement Agent or Officer
    • Criminal Investigator
    • School Resource Officer
    • Corrections Officer
    • Private Investigator
  • 缓刑和假释:在州或联邦缓刑和假释领域的各种角色:
    • Adult Probation Officer
    • Juvenile Probation Officer
    • Parole Officer
    • Case Worker

博彩平台推荐聘请了受过良好教育和有经验的教师来传授给我们的学生.  Our instructors come from departments in Ohio: Toledo Police Department, Perrysburg Police Division, Norwalk Police Department, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Lucas County Sheriff’s Office; as well as Weirton Police Department (West Virginia), United States Secret Service, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, Ohio Army National Guard and Ohio Air National Guard.

Our instructors have held roles as homicide detectives, crimes against person detectives, internet child pornography detectives, command officers, general detectives, chiefs of police, special agents, undercover narcotics agents, military police officers, road patrol officers, federal task force members and homeland security agents.

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