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Bachelor of Arts


On Campus
Academics / 教育与进修学院 / 教师教育——童年中期


一个热爱教学的老师会激励一个热爱学习的学生. Create a foundation for middle school students and make a difference in their perspectives and lives. In our program, you’ll gain invaluable teaching experience in the classroom that will make your path to educational licensure comprehensive and stress-free.

The B.A. 中学教育执照是与卢尔德大学合作提供的. Faculty from Lourdes University teach all of the education coursework on Tiffin University’s campus.

Students earn degree requirements from Tiffin University while also earning licensure requirements from Lourdes University. 这种合作关系为您提供了两所大学的优势, 有机会向两所大学经验丰富的教师学习.

This program will provide you with a Bachelor of Arts degree and the necessary coursework to become a licensed middle school teacher for grades 4-9. Middle school teachers earn credentials in 2 of the following content areas: social studies, math, English Language Arts, and science.

  • 国家认证(TEAC, 2010)
  • Consistent rating of “Effective,” Ohio’s highest ranking for teacher preparation programs
  • Field experiences range from one-day observations in the first education courses to 15-weeks during student teaching

The middle childhood program for grades four through nine helps teacher candidates learn how to engage young adolescents in active and purposeful learning, which is challenging, exploratory, 在安全的环境中具有综合性和相关性, 包容和支持所有人.

The curriculum is based on contemporary research and the most current standard requirements of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), 俄亥俄州教育部(ODE), 国际教育教学学会(ITSE), 全国英语教师委员会(NCTE), 全国数学教师委员会, the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).


  • The licensure in Middle School program leads to state licensure within Ohio to teach grades 4-9 in two identified content areas.
  • Courses are taught by professionals working within the field who have earned state licensure in the area in which they teach.
  • You’ll gain professional experience in the school setting – starting with your first education course.
  • 实地经验和临床时间是建立在每个学期的计划.
  • 该计划提供在各种教学环境中的实地经验, including public, private, rural and urban settings.
  • Tiffin University schedules special events for our TU students to mentor middle school-aged students, 建立社区和示范教育经验.
  • TU’s Education Club and education events connect you to campus and help build close community.


Clinical and field experiences are incorporated throughout all four years of the student experience. The work builds upon prior knowledge and gets more hands-on as you continue in the field. You’ll move from observing classes to building and teaching lessons within a variety of classroom settings, 使用从你的内容和教育课程中获得的知识.

Within your program, 你将在你所选的两个学科领域建立坚实的知识基础.e. Science, English, Language Arts, History, or Mathematics), 建立理论与实践之间的联系. You’ll gain insights into student development (psychology/sociology) and learning styles and needs. 你会学到评估, accommodations, modifications, 在单位规划中实现技术的多样性和整合.


  • Lesson planning
  • Assessment
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Classroom Management
  • Collaboration
  • Differentiation

体验式学习是教学的精髓. 没有在教室里观察和教学的经验, 你会在精神上准备不足, 在情感上和学术上都能在现实世界中进行教学.

During your program, 你会在大学课堂上以同学为对象进行练习, work with peers to build unit plans and assessments and engage in discussions around scenarios to help prepare you for the classroom setting. You’ll then take what you’ve learned and teach these lessons to students in the grades 4-9 setting as a classroom leader.


  • You’ll gain professional experience in the school setting – starting with your first education course.
  • 学生可以被安排到不同的学校, such as urban, suburban, rural, 私立或公立学校.
  • You’ll take a course focusing on diversity along with a course that introduces you to challenges within the inclusion and special needs setting.
  • 你可以志愿在当地学校、图书馆和社区教育项目工作.
  • 你将有机会在博彩平台推荐社区指导学生.
  • You’ll use an e-Portfolio as a digital repository for your work in content area courses and in your education work at Lourdes University.
  • The Education Club provides you opportunities to meet other students and participate in various activities and events.


Competency Core
  • COM130口语交流 & Presentation – 3 hours
  • 修辞学和研究性写作[作文]- 3小时
  • 修辞学与学术写作(w)[作文]- 3小时
  • MAT181大学代数- 3小时
  • 应用统计学I - 3小时
  • 学习中的技术- 1小时
  • EDU251 Technology & 学习教学法- 1小时
  • 技术,教育学, & 学习内容- 1小时
    • [EDU151/251/351合并符合CIS要求]
  • NAT130健康生活基础- 3小时

Total – 21 hours

Culture Core
  • 教育中的多元文化和社会问题- 3学时

Total – 3 hours

Dragon Education core
  • DEC100 Engage – 3 hours
  • DEC200 Explore – 3 hours
  • DEC300/320连接- 3小时
  • DEC400/420冲击- 3小时
  • DEC400L Impact ePortfolio - 1小时

Total – 13 hours

History Major
  • 文化地理- 3小时
  • 微观经济学原理- 3小时
  • HIS122历史研究(w) - 3小时
  • 创建一个国家(w) - 3小时
  • HIS242美国历史1865 - 1945 (w) - 3小时
  • 全球领导力的挑战:1945年后的美国历史(w) - 3小时
  • HIS303人类黎明(w) - 3小时
  • HIS320俄亥俄历史- 3小时
  • 新兴西方(w) - 3小时
  • HIS410互联世界(w) - 3小时
  • HIS425历史学(w) - 3小时
  • 政治地理- 3小时
  • POL391比较政治制度- 3小时

Total – 9 hours

  • EDU100教育基础或EDU 101教育桥梁(1小时)- 3小时
  • EDU230特殊需要教育概览- 3小时
  • 教育心理学与人类发展- 3小时
  • EDU319《儿童中期课堂管理 & AYA Education  – 3 hours
  • EDU329差异化教学 & Assessment – 3 hours

Total – 15 hours

  • 阅读理解能力, 包容性课堂中的写作策略和写作过程- 3小时
  • 内容区阅读和写作- 3学时
  • 读音的作用和读写的基础- 3小时
  • 阅读诊断和评估- 3小时

Total – 12 hours

  • EDM235中期儿童课程,教学 & Assessment  – 3 hours
  • EDM250中期儿童方法 & 现场经验1 - 3小时
  • 中期儿童方法和实地经验II -3小时
  • EDM490中学生教学- 12学时

Total – 21 hours

Sub-total – 124 hours



二级专业课程将用于满足通识教育要求. Students must choose secondary field of study when they declare their education major in order to avoid taking courses that do not fulfill graduation requirements for their major or secondary field of study.

Language arts
  • ENG313阅读和写作的理论方法- 3小时
  • 以下选项之一:- 3小时
    • ENG360美国诗歌(w)
    • 英国诗歌(w)
  • 世界文学(w) - 3小时

Total – 9 hours

  • MAT185定量推理- 3小时
  • MAT271中学几何- 3学时
  • 微积分预科- 3小时
  • MAT370中学数学教学(w) - 3学时

Total -12 hours

  • BIO210普通生物学I + BIO210L实验室- 4小时
  • NAT114科学概览- 3小时
  • NAT205地球科学- 3小时
  • NAT201物理科学- 3小时
  • SCI370教师综合科学- 3学时

Total – 16 hours




幼儿中期课程,教学 & Assessment (EDM235) -以《EDM210青少年教育》提出的一般概念为基础, 本课程开始搭建内容与实践之间的桥梁. The course examines middle childhood curriculum and provides an in-depth review of the Ohio Academic Content Standards. The course introduces instructional models and elements of assessment theory in support of curriculum development and effective teaching. 学生有机会做计划, teach, 评估和反思青少年的经验教训 与发展相适应和包容. 

Middle Childhood Methods & 一级实地经验(EDM250) – Provides students with opportunities to learn and practice the skills and competencies of effective teaching at the middle childhood level. This course will examine various instructional methods used to teach young adolescents in all four curriculum content area and reading. 本课程包括在儿童中期的实地体验.

语言艺术与社会研究方法与实地经验II (EDM351) – Provides students with opportunities to learn and practice Middle Childhood pedagogy in your licensure areas (language arts and social studies). 学生将参与教师绩效评估的所有要素, 包括规划指导和评估, 指导和吸引学生学习, 评估学生的学习和最后的回顾反思. The course includes an extensive field experience in a Middle Childhood setting for both of your licensure areas. 这门课必须以C+或更高的成绩通过. 如果成绩低于C+,则需要重修这门课程.


On Campus -提供为期15周的学期形式,开学日期在1月和8月

教育是一个不断发展的领域,由于新冠肺炎,许多教师决定退休, 在中学环境中创造了许多开口. This program will provide you with a Bachelor of Arts degree and the necessary coursework to become a licensed middle school teacher for grades 4-9. Middle school teachers earn credentials in 2 of the following content areas: social studies, math, English Language Arts, and science.

  • 克利夫兰大都会学区
  • Horizon Science Academy
  • 印第安纳波利斯私营工业委员会公司.
  • Ohio Virtual Academy
  • Renhill Group Inc.
  • 斯普林伯勒社区城市学校
  • Tiffin Inc.
  • Toledo Public Schools
  • Vermilion Local Schools
  • 沃伦县教育服务中心
  • 温彻斯特公立学校


Program Requirements


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“There is always going to be a little doubt in any person’s mind when it comes to new things. But for me, I think proving people, who said I couldn’t do it, wrong is my biggest motivation. 对我来说再也没有什么是不可能的了. The world is constantly changing and I feel like I am much more capable of adapting to those changes now compared to when I was walking on to TU’s campus for the first time.”

Alexandra Tozzie
Class of 2018
Louisville, Colorado