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The College Tour: Tiffin University

博彩平台推荐 / The College Tour: Tiffin University

TU has done something extraordinary in the heartland of Ohio.

We have brought the world to our doorstep, opened our doors and given people from all walks of life the reason to believe that potential is limitless and that opportunity awaits. TU offers over 50 academic programs for undergraduate, graduate degrees and a doctoral degree. Students engage in real-world experience and are taught by faculty who practice what they teach – and provide internship and career opportunities with global industry partners. Every remarkable journey has its first steps. 拿你的吧.

Created by Emmy-nominated producers, The College Tour tells the stories of colleges and universities through the lens of their students. TU’s full 30-minute episode is streaming on Amazon Prime, but you can also view the full episode or choose from 10 individual segments below.

Meet students and campus members Carter, 斯蒂芬。, 格蕾丝, 雅各, 泰勒, Audra, 凯蒂, 佩德罗, Alex and Mya: hear their stories about TiffinArts, 学生生活, 学术服务, the TU community and so much more.

和卡特一起去幕后, a TiffinArts student who shares his experiences with TU’s Music Department and how his work there has already impacted his future. 
Discover academics with 格蕾丝 and learn about TU professors, 谁在他们的领域工作过, so they can share their first-hand experience – and give their full support for their students’ future careers.
Learn about the First-Gen Dragons with 斯蒂芬。, one of the original members of the group, and how TU can help guide confused students down the path to success.
学者 & 实习项目
满足雅各, a cyber security and digital forensics major who tells about his hands-on experience in the classroom – and how it led to his internship with a Fortune 500 company.
Sure, TU has academics, athletics and arts – but there’s much more to TU than that. Audra见面, who gives insight on special events, organizations and job opportunities at TU that taught her to be her most authentic and confident self.
满足米娅, who introduces us to the 提芬市 and all it has to offer – great parks, 一个圆形剧场, downtown shops and big box stores and of course, 最好的披萨, 在俄亥俄州吃鸡翅和冰淇淋.
泰勒 is not only a star on the field, he is a star in the classroom. Learn about his journey as a transfer student to TU, his feelings towards the close knit and family-oriented campus – and how TU has helped him enjoy his academic and athletic journey. 
Alex has had the opportunity to view the University as a community member, student and employee. 从她的优势来看, TU deeply values students of diverse experiences and provides a sense of belonging and inclusion, 不管你来自哪里.
全职主管, 新妈妈和妻子, 凯蒂 worried how she would manage going to back to school for her MBA. Learn how TU quickly got her back into the student mode and how to be successful in the MBA online program – and in her career.
Entrepreneurial Spirit/Innovation
佩德罗 came to TU from Brazil not sure what he wanted to major in. 但, as a participant in the first Tiffin Innovation Program class, 佩德罗 went from college student to entrepreneur in just under four years.
Watch the full 30-minute episode and glimpse into TU.